​Translation – Proofreading​

The translation field is directly related to business. Due to the contemporary globalized society, the interstate transactions are an everyday phenomenon. Businesses, due to the growing trade with foreign countries, are required to exchange well translated and structured documents. On the other side, many individuals, due to the rise of immigration to foreign countries, for professional or personal reasons, may as well need professional translation services.


We translate your website or software, without any further intervention by you or any other specialist. During the process of localization, we take into consideration the cultural aspects of each country (manners, customs, culture, religion, linguistic specificities) to with you are addressed. Furthermore, we take into consideration the writing process of each website / software. We can work with any type of file and we guarantee that their proper functioning after their delivery.

Text Adaptation (Transcreation)

In case of Marketing texts, text adaptation is a necessary procedure in order to address the text to the relevant market. Therefore, the translation of the text is adapted to the linguistic specificities of each language.

The Procedure

1. Translation
We choose the appropriate terminology according to the genre and the style of the text.
2. Proofreading
An experienced proofreader checks the translated text.
3. Quality Control
We run more thorough tests with regard to the validity of the translation.

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